What is LegalXGen?

LegalXGen is a web-based legal practice management software developed to cater to every day challenges faced by lawyers and law firms.

Why LegalXGen?

LegalXGen has been co-designed by legal firms, for legal firms. We’ve incorporated best practices from some of the best firms in the industry to ensure that our solution benefits both litigation and corporate law firms.

Using LegalXGen, lawyers can get organized and increase productivity while staying focused on their core job – legal practice. The software is hosted on one of the best and most secure cloud platforms. It is delivered in “SaaS” and “on-premise” models, thus making it easy to use and access at anytime, anywhere. Some key data is stored in encrypted format, offering guaranteed data security.

Our support team ensures that all your queries and doubts are resolved within SLA so that your firm is able to utilize all the benefits LegalXGen offers.

A team of our experts are continually working along with our clients to enhance its features and usability.

Automate your work while you focus on the Case.

Engage Client At Every Step

Keep your clients involved and up-to-date on all the proceedings of the case.

Manage It Online

Manage and administer all the data through a single console.

Share Information

Share selected information to relevant stakeholder for effective collaboration.

Stay Informed

Send alerts and notifications of case developments and reminders.

Active Communication

Send messages and leave notes for your clients ensuring better client satisfaction.

Automated Billing

Process billing and payments automatically online.

Data Security

Encryption of key data like SSN, client information, selected case details, etc.


Data centre and application hosted locally (USA)