LegalXGen enables you to communicate effectively and collaborate both with your associates and your clients. Importantly, you can customize each message to reflect the brand of your firm.

Role based users

LegalXGen has multiple user types – each with its set of rights and privileges. This enables you to share select information with specific users and clients in a secure environment

Direct Secure Messaging

Sensitive information that you need to share with your clients or staff can be shared securely. You can configure LegalXGen to automatically send responses, reminders and updates to specific clients or associates.

Instant Notifications

Case updates and status updates are shared instantly and automatically with the relevant stakeholders.

Secure Portal with 24/7 Access

Every client has a secure account where they can view the case information, latest developments, and can also share and comment whenever they want.

Choose and Share

Control and share activities you want to and with whom you choose and when you want.

Online Billing and Payment

Your clients can pay their bills online without any hassles and you can easily keep a tab on all the billing.