We are…

A bunch of technology experts with decades of experience in software development got together with the idea of creating something niche that makes the lives of our fellow humans, a little easier. We realized the legal firms have only scratched the surface of automation.

And thus was born the idea of LegalXGen.

In partnership with some of the leading legal experts, we started designing LegalXGen – for the legal fraternity, by the legal fraternity was our motto. We listed some of the challenges being faced by legal firms and started building solutions for some of them.

Our journey continues. The more we travel along our chosen path, the more we realize how much more there is to achieve.

The vision

We have been and will always remain “inch-wide and mile-deep” focused on the legal fraternity worldwide.

Towards this goal, vision is simple – to create a legal practice management tool that automates and simplifies the working of a law firm, freeing up the Legal Practitioner’s time to focus on Practice rather than managing the firm.

We aim to create a tool that is simple and easy to use yet covers a broad gambit of a legal firm’s operations.

We realize that we can grow only if our customers grow – and our customers grow only if their customers are delighted by their service. Users of LegalXGen should be able to delight their customers by managing the complete case securely, methodically and in a timely manner.

We aim to change the world we have chosen – the world of the Legal Practitioner

Why choose us?

Every workplace is different. Each has its own unique products, services, history, business rules, and workflows. How could one generic software system fit every business? When you choose LegalXGen, you’re not just choosing software. You’re choosing a team that listens first, and understand your business needs and then custom-tailors a system to best meet your needs.

High Quality

Simple and easy to use User Interface. Guaranteed Adoption. No learning curve or training costs.

Best Price

Delivers maximum Business Value.

100% Refund Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied, we will give your money back without any excuses.

Meet Our Team

Ashish has several years of software design and development experience at both large companies as well as start-ups. At LegalXGen, Ashish focusses on product management and client engagement.

Ashish Tripathi

Co-Founder & Director
Irayya is a usability expert with a track record of creating innovative UX/UI solutions across multiple industry segments. At LegalXGen, Irayya focusses on creating a superlative user experience for our clients.

Irayya Madli

Co-Founder & Director
Mayank is a passionate technologist with expertise in the areas of Business Critical Application Development. He brings over 15 years of software product development and management experience driving product technology.

Mayank Singh

Co-Founder & Director
Manoj played global leadership roles in the enterprise software and banking industries before setting up Malgharia Capital Advisors, a boutique consulting firm. He is an advisor and mentor to the LegalXGen team.

Manoj Kumar

Advisory Director and Mentor